At MAODesign we believe that sustainable or green design is our responsibility and strive to incorporate environmentally friendly design solutions into all of our projects, even where LEED Certification is not mandatory. As design professionals, we feel an obligation to educate our clients and community on issues of sustainability and enviromental quality. We have resources to provide cost effective options for consideration by our clients.

Although green design has become the buzz word in the mainstream, many may not realize that it encompasses a host of issues ranging from the use of rapidly renewable materials to water efficiency, the indoor air quality of a space and much more. The successful implementaion of sustainable concepts not only benefits our planet but also the health, productivity and happiness of the occupants.

We encourage clients to inquire about sustainable design solutions and how they may help to make their project a success. For additional information on LEED Certification and sustainable design please see the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)